Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Directions

Last week I got my evaluation back about my website and illustrative style, as well as a few other areas, from Alex Mathers who runs the Red Lemon Club. It had very useful advice and made clear for me some issues that I have been unsure about in the past. It has set me on a new direction in which to pursue this coming year. I plan on incorporating many of his great ideas into my website and art. The biggest take away for me was the issue of my style, was it professional enough, was it marketable enough, if so what markets. I found out sadly to say that I’m not ready for primetime, which doesn’t mean I can’t get illustrative projects. It's just that those projects won’t be with top tier clients, yet.

My style, according to Alex, seems lost in a limbo world somewhere between abstract and realistic. He suggests that I push it one way or the other and I agree with him. People I’ve read say always play to your strengths, well realistic isn’t me, trust me I’ve been trying. Just to clarify, we are talking style here, not me personally. That leaves me with exploring a more abstract approach to my style this new year. Making my women more simplified in shape might just make their differences stand out even more, which will cause them to be more intriguing.

I haven’t done any new art with this thought in mind but as the year goes forth I’d be interested in hearing what you think of this new direction. Below is an unfinished piece I’ve been working on.

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