Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Holiday Treat

Over the Holidays, on Christmas Eve morning, I had a few unexpected visitors show up at my house. Actually, they were hanging about in my back yard when I woke up and my wife told me they here there. At first, I thought they had a faulty GPS system due to the fact they were so far south. I couldn't imagine how they got so turned around in their directions especially at this time of year. I mean these guys had a serious gig to get to in less than 12 hours and if they were a no show, not only would their manager be very upset, but their millions and millions of fans all across the world would be devastated, to say the least. As my brain woke up more I realized that they weren’t actually Santa’s reindeer but just white tail deer that we have been seeing on and off running about our neighborhood. There they were five of them. Some grazing on our grass and other assorted goodies nature has put in our yard and others were reclining in it. The most we have seen to date, at any one time, is twelve that hightailed it across our street. I live in a city with of over 750,000 people so seeing 5 deer show up in my yard was a real holiday treat.

You may be thinking to yourselves well that’s really nice and all but what does it got to do with art. Well, it just goes to show you one never knows where one may find inspiration or build a little library of reference pictures that can be used in the future. Trust me I took lots of pics on my phone of these visitors so if I ever figure a way to incorporate them into a drawing or two I won't have to search too hard.

If you’re wondering what happened to my visitors that morning they fled for their lives when my neighbor let his dogs out into their yard. As of yet, they haven’t made a return visit.

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