Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How I Generate Ideas for My Drawings

Every once and a while I draw a blank when I sit in front of my computer with Wacom tablet in hand. It seems no matter how hard I try to conjure up an image none appear in my mind. At times like these I use a few different techniques that help me be creative again. Hopefully, they will help you if you ever find yourself staring a blank sheet of paper without a clue as to what to draw on it.

I. I pick a subject, say woman’s fashion, then I’ll surf the net for as many images that I can find that have possibilities. After I gather my selections I go through them and decide which ones I can seriously use as a springboard for new images. I usually find a certain pose or look in the picture that draws my attention to it, but I see it in a whole different context that I want to explore.

2. Other times I use songs, I once did a spin off series from the Kinks song “Celluloid Heros” about Hollywood Starlets of the Silver Screen. I have all so done drawings of Superman and Captain America based off Kinks songs. Seems I must have been on a Kinks fixation.

3.And of course, some ideas just seem to pop up inside my head. These I write down no matter how stupid they may seem at first and return to them later when I’m at a lost as to what to draw. I find that after a little sketching and playing around with the idea I can usually find something I like to draw.

If you’d like to share some of your methods on how you generate ideas for drawings please do so in the comments area, I’d love to read ‘em.

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